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Long running processes: C# 5, Visual Studio 11, async and await; updating a Winforms UI asynchronously

I recently downloaded Visual Studio 11 Beta  in order to take a look at the new 4.5 .Net Framework and play around with its new features. I decided to take the opportunity to build a "quick" app that I've been meaning to build for a few years; a single form Windows Client that allows me to send out an email merge to the 1,400 agents I have in my outlook contacts list, to let them know I'm available for work. Before now, every time I've needed to send an "I'm available!" email, I've copied + pasted the same email a number of times, attached my CV and BCC'd 100 or so agents at a time (too many and Outlook just falls over). Not only is it a massive waste of my time, but it's very error prone and not a very friendly way of doing things. Unfortunately, the mail merge feature of Word has its limitations, so I've had to look in to my own solution. Anyone who's worked with bulk email systems before knows fine well that any kind of mas