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How I Learned to Lose Weight and Love Exercise (again)

Back in my youth I was an avid gym-goer, badminton and basketball player, utility cyclist and swimmer. I did all this because I enjoyed it / life necessitated it, and I never once thought about my weight or fitness levels - though I did care about how I looked . Everything stopped when I moved to a new town and made new friends; I took up music as a hobby and sport fell by the wayside. Lugging 250lb of bass gear up and down 3 flights of stairs every week felt like enough to me - alas, the lack of exercise over a period of about 10 years (combined with my love of all forms of food and drink) resulted in me gaining a considerable amount of weight without me really noticing it. About a year and a half ago, I did  notice it. I started hating pictures of myself, I was struggling to live everyday life without sweating constantly and getting out of breath doing menial tasks. Walking 2 miles into town was a huge amount of effort, and even sleeping was difficult (for both myself and my wife)