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GDPR: Application Password Security in 2018

Security Primer As we hurtle towards GDPR, more and more of my clients are becoming concerned with data security. This is great news - I've always recommended best practices but come up against resistance occasionally due to the extra amount of time some implementations take - after all, time is money, and to some clients money is more important than security. Thankfully we're all now being forced to consider it more seriously. I'm no security or cryptographic expert but as part of my job I have to provide secure authentication and storage systems to protect my client's data. As I'm a Microsoft stack guy this is often dealt with by an Active Directory or Federated Identity Server - but on occasion I need to "roll my own" authentication system or heavily modify an existing one. One client recently asked me about the password hashing I'd put in place for them - I'd implemented SHA-256 with salting, using the same piece of code for about a decad