The ole' blog

I've just had a bit of a clean up with the blog - re-tagged most of my older posts and changed the layout slightly. I apologise if any of your readers have been spammed with updates - just ignore them if so :)

I've also deleted some of my posts, most notable are the vast majority of the post relating to my bespoke nTier framework. Since I made them, I've made some significant changes, so the old posts don't really represent the end product any more, and will probably just confuse matters.

I'm still working on it, and I've made some good progress. I'm also learning a hell of a lot in the process and getting to play with some cool tools like T4 and MVC3, Razor and unobtrusive JQuery. Instead of blogging while I'm writing it, I thought I would develop it as a standalone framework you can download and play with yourself. It's about 85% complete, and although other commitments are taking over at the moment, I'm trying my hardest to get it finished.

As I've mentioned in a previous post, I've been working with Entity Framework quite a bit recently, and I'm quite pleased to say that there's a lot of things in EF4.1 that I've already implemented in my framework. Although maybe not as robust as EF4.1 (at the moment), I'd like to think that by the time its finished it should be a decent alternative... I'm going to attempt to make my framework POCO compatible - it's not far off at the moment. Now, to think up a name for it... BokTier? :\

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